Shirt Pocket Press is a ragtag kitchen table chapbook press focused on poetry, vispo, asemic writing, fauku, lists, collage work, radical nature writing, conceptual and procedural work, erotic writing, and other assorted weirdness.We are interested in producing a limited run of handmade chapbooks for you and yours.

Open for Submissions

We are currently seeking poetry, essays, manifestos and hybrid pieces.

The theme is systems imagination. The theme is the wide shot. The theme is earth seen from earth 2. The theme is how to live on a haunted planet.

We’re a ragtag chapbook press that doesn’t offer prizes or fame, but you can totally crash on our couch if you’re passing through town. Maybe.

Send work to We’ll read until the end of May. Submissions should be chapbook sized, 12-30 pages or so.

Work in Progress

This site is currently being updated and modified. Please bear with us as things move, change, or are destroyed.


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