Out of Print Catalog


Why To Hang Pictures ::: by Samuel Amadon and Thomas Hummel

Surprise Pie ::: by Michael Sikkema

Alarm ::: Brilliant poems from Christopher Mulrooney

September ::: from Laura Goldstein

I’m Free, I’m Alive, I’m Alive, I’m Living! ::: by Cynthia Spencer

Now That Fall Has Fully Broken In, ::: by Rob Mclennan

Red Demolition ::: Blood, Guts by Juliet Cook

Fresh Actions for the Neighbor Eye ::: News from Taylor Brady

Bookquet ::: Appropriative language events leaning towards love by Travis MacDonald

Beginning of Way ::: Prose poems by Laura Carter

Body Part / Weeks Paid ::: A Poem by Craig Dodman

Do I Bounce it More Obviously? ::: A poem/list/object by Shawn Huelle

Pepper and Whiskey ::: Poems by Michael Sikkema and Jen Tynes

Wildlings of the River Signature ::: Poems by Michael Sikkema

Card / Clip ::: Poems by Kirk Keen

ICUX ::: Vispo by Nico Vassilakis

Toothless Altar ::: Poems by MC Hyland

The Frogs At Night ::: Prose Poems by Nikki Wallschlaeger

Pastoral (Years Later) ::: Poetry by Nathan Hauke, Drawings by Kate Kern Mundie

Be The Toad ::: Poetry by Gary Barwin

New Pink Nudibranch ::: Poetry by Jen Tynes

Before He Let Them Guide Sleigh ::: Jeff Hecker

Any Rip A Threshold ::: Elisabeth Workman

Rooms ::: Marthe Reed

How To Make A Baby ::: Kirk Keen


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